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Laravel: Define default model data for BelongsTo relationships

Laravel - Quick Tips


🔥 Laravel Tip: Default Models Speed up your Laravel development with default models in relationships. No more redundant null checks!

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Laravel Collections: Tips and Tricks



Laravel is a popular PHP framework known for its expressive and elegant syntax. One of the many features that make Laravel so popular is its collections. Collections are a powerful tool for workin...

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PHP in_array Function: How to Avoid Errors Caused by Loose Type Checking

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Have you ever encountered a situation where the in_array function in PHP returns unexpected results? For instance, even though you have an array of boolean values and you're searching for the string '...

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Livewire v3 Features

Laravel - Livewire


The Livewire core has been totally overhauled, and I couldn't be more excited. The new core leans heavily on Alpine, tapping into its Morph, History, and other plugins to take Livewire's capabilit...

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Laravel 10: release date and upcoming features

Laravel - PHP


Releasedate of Laravel 10 Taylor Otwell, tweeted Laravel 10 will be released at 14. February 2023 🥳 How to install Laravel 10 before release? You already can checkout Laravel 10 from the maste...

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Laravel: Remove trailing slash from url via middleware

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In Laravel, every existing route URL can be utilized both with and without a trailing slash, and you'll receive a `HTTP 200` response in either case. However, for search engine optimization purposes,...