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Livewire Best Practices



Best Practices for [Livewire v3](https://livewire.laravel.com). Most usefull tips when working with Livewire. Official [Livewire documentation](https://livewire.laravel.com/docs). 🌳 Single Roo...

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PHP in_array Function



Introduction to PHP's `in_array` Function The `in_array` function in PHP checks if a value exists in an array. It returns `true` if the value is found, `false` if not. The function is case-sensiti...

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How to Check the Laravel Version



Laravel is a popular PHP framework known for its elegant syntax and robust features. If you're working with a Laravel project and need to determine the version you're using, there are a few simple met...

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Pest v2 New Features and Release Date

Laravel - TDD


The release of [Pest v2](https://pestphp.com) will be release March 20th 🎉 and it's bringing many exciting new features such as retrying testing, profiling slow tests, support for the new arch plugin...

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Tailwind CSS Gradient Text

Quick Tips - Tailwind CSS


Tailwind CSS (https://tailwindcss.com) is a utility-first CSS framework that allows developers to easily and quickly create custom designs. One cool feature of Tailwind is the ability to add gradients...

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Laravel JSON column management made easy with AsArrayObject cast

Laravel - Quick Tips


Hey there! 👋 If you're using Laravel to build your web applications, you might have come across JSON columns in your database tables. While they can be super useful for storing data, it can be a pain...

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Laravel: How to update pivot columns

Laravel - Quick Tips


Suppose you're dealing with a complex database schema where you have a many-to-many relationship between two tables connected by a pivot table with additional columns. In such cases, if you need to up...

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How to Use Laravel Model Events on Pivot Tables

Laravel - Quick Tips


In a Laravel app, you may want to assign `users` to `tasks` while also tracking who assigned each `user` to a `task`. By utilizing Laravel's model events on pivot tables, this is easily achievable. T...